Dave Griffin: Window for St John's Primary School, Blackpool

This commission for the award-winning new-build St John's Primary School in Blackpool was completed in November 2009. The 7.7m x 1.6m window was designed in partnership with children at the school who took part in a competition to design a window. Elements of the winning design have been included in the final composition, and I had the much-awaited opportunity to meet the competition winner and present her with a framed picture of her design to remind her of her achievement.

I have based this design on the idea of an inspirational journey towards understanding and the light, corresponding to the journey of the children through the School and later life. The bright circle near the top forms the heart of the window and represents the dwelling place of God, and the three smaller circles the three aspects of the Trinity. I’ve chosen colours which are warm and inviting, and should complement the neutral colours of the new building surrounding it. The bright shining star also contains the image of the Cross which I have tried to make visible without it being too bold a feature in the window,

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