Pancake Race, Guildhall Yard, 16 February 2010

The Glaziers Team comprised The Master (Sir John Stuttard), The Upper Warden (Colin Freeman), the Renter Warden (David Ingmire) and Mrs Tina Shrimplin, with the Clerk as non-playing Captain (aka umbrella-wallah).  The Renter Warden was required, under the rules of the competition, to wear a hat with a musical theme and cricket pads, to reflect the twin pillars of the Lord Mayor's Appeal.

The team did not distinguish itself on a slippery playing surface, which made stoppping difficult.  As there turned out to be an unwritten rule that pancakes had to be tossed while the racer was stationary, this proved fatal at the subsequent Stewards' Enquiry.  Click on the image to see the team in all their glory.  There is also a video of the event, including a talking head by the Master and action shots of the Upper Warden.