Announcing Continuing Professional Development Awards

from The Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass 2015


The Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass is pleased to announce that once again they will offer two Continuing Professional Development Awards for the year 2015. The next deadline for entry is 31st January 2015. 


We would like to encourage you to apply. The aim of all the Glaziers’ Company’s awards is to raise standards of work within the craft, particularly in the U.K., by offering additional learning experiences to enhance the skills of potential workers.  Applications are invited from practitioners with at least five years’ working experience who wish to broaden their professional skills.


Continuing Professional Development awards are short duration help with training for professionals; whether by moving towards the attainment of accredited status as conservators, by obtaining tuition to increase their effectiveness and proficiency in practicing their craft or by developing their creative skills. The award could be used to assist someone to attend a masterclass, an advanced glass painting course, to learn about mortars and stonework installation, to seek tuition about glass chemistry, to shadow a fellow professional to learn a skill they do not already have such as edge bonding or glass cleaning or whatever else the awardee can demonstrate that s/he needs to learn to enhance working practices. These awards are particularly aimed at professionals unable to leave their work for long periods, so they typically enable attendance at short courses or short studio placements under expert tuition.  Each award will offer up to £550 for tuition costs and £225 subsistence while learning. 

You can click here for application details. 



Irene McBride, who won a CPD award in 2011 has the following to say about her experience;


"When I first learnt of the Worshipful Company's Continuing Professional Development Award, I had already applied for and been accepted for Seattle glass artist, Cappy Thompson's "Painting on Glass; Developing a Personal Iconography" master class at the North Lands Glass Centre, Caithness, Scotland. However the venture with tuition, travel and accommodation costs was going to be quite challenging, so when I learnt about this award I decided to make an application, never thinking that I would be fortunate enough to win it.

The class itself was fantastic. Cappy, her teaching assistant Jeff, my seven fellow students and North Land's staff were all wonderful. The support, knowledge, technical and creative advice were first class.

The financial aspect of the award was so very important but the honour of being a recipient has also meant so much to me. As an artist working alone in a studio, I have been delighted to have my attitude, my work and my hopes recognised by this prestigious body.  I am exceedingly grateful to the Worshipful Company and I have been inspired and encouraged by the whole experience."


Jim Budd won a CPD in 2011 and used the money to fund a week’s work experience at York Glaziers Trust, where he learnt valuable conservation skills. Jim says; “I am indebted to Sarah Brown and her team at York Glaziers Trust and to The Worshipful Company of Glaziers for providing the Continuing Professional Development Award platform. Without it, this type of interactive learning would not be possible.”


Tracy Wilcockson, a conservator at York Glaziers Trust, won a CPD in 2012 to fund a “Chemistry for Conservators” correspondence course with International Academic Projects, which she passed with a good grade.


Irene McBride working on a piece

Irene McBride working on a piece.


Click here for a list of CPD winners.