Visit to Cornwall, May 2009

68 Glaziers joined the Master and his lady (Peter and Janet Doe) on this visit.  Based at the Bedruthan Steps Hotel the tour included

  • King Arthur’s Great Halls at Tintagel, with their collection of 72 windows by Veronica Whall (daughter of Christopher).
  • The fifteenth-century Passion window at St Kew, restored in 2005 by Steve Clare and his team. 
  • The church at St. Neot on Bodmin Moor, which contains thirteen mediaeval windows.
  • Truro Cathedral, where all the windows were made by Clayton and Bell.
  • The church of St. Winnow, on the banks of the River Fowey, where we saw a mediaeval window in the process of being replaced after restoration by Steve Clare and his colleagues.

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