JUNE 2014


  Tuesday 3rd at 12.00 noon  Glaziers Trust.

  Tuesday 3rd at 2.30pm  MDS Committee.

  Thursday 5th at 6.30pm  Admiral of the Port Race.

  Thursday 12/Sunday 15  Master's Visit to Burgundy.

  Friday 13th at 6.15pm  BSMGP Summer Lecture at Queen's Square.

  Monday 23rd at 12.00 noon  Glaziers Foundation.

  Monday 23rd at 3.00pm  Finance & General Purposes Committee.

  Tuesday 24th at 12.00 noon  Election of Sheriffs.

  Monday 30th at 2.45pm  Confidential Committee.

  Monday 30th at 5.00pm  St Peter's Court.

  Monday 30th at 7.00pm  Court Dinner at Glaziers Hall.


JULY 2014


  Monday 14th at 12.00 noon  Doggett's Coat & Badger Wager.

  Thursday 24th at 7.00pm  Port of London Challenge from HQS Wellington.


 AUGUST 2014


  Friday 29th - Sunday 31st  BSMGP Annual Touring Conference.




  Thursday 4th at 3.00pm  Craft Competition Committee.

  Thursday 11th at 2.30pm  MDS Committee.

  Monday 15th at 12.00 noon  Glaziers foundation.

  Monday 15th at 3.00pm  Finance & General Purposes Committee.

  Tuesday 16th (TtbC)  Masters Visit to Grays Inn.

  Wednesday 17th All Day  Golf Society Autumn Meeting at Temple Golf Course.

  Saturday 27th (TtbC)  Great River Race from Greenwich to Ham House.

  Monday 29th at 9.30am  Election of Lord Mayor.

  Monday 29th at 2.30pm  Confidential Committee.

  Monday 29th at 4.30pm  St Mathew's Court.

  Monday 29th at 7.00pm  Court Dinner at glaziers Hall.




  Thursday 9th/Sunday 12th Masters Visit to Norwich.

  Friday 10th at 6.15pm  BSMGP Autumn Lecture at Glaziers Hall.

  Monday 20th at 10.45am  Glaziers Trust.

  Monday 20th (TtbC)  Past Masters' Dinner at Glaziers Hall.

  Friday 24th at 3.00pm  London Stained Glass Repository Committee.

  Monday 27th at 6.00pm  Glaziers' 2nd Annual Lecture and Supper at Glaziers Hall. 




  Saturday 8th from 8.00am  Livery Champagne Breakfast to witness the Lord Mayors Flotilla and then attend the Lord Mayors Show.

  Monday 10th at 11.00am  Glaziers Foundation.

  Monday 10th at 12.30pm  Master and Wardens Lunch.

  Monday 10th at 3.00pm  Finance & General Purposes Committee.

  Monday 27th at 2.30pm  Confidential Committee.

  Monday 27th at 4.30pm  St Andrews (Installation) Court

  Monday 27th at 6.45pm  Installation Court Dinner at Glaziers Hall with Guest Speaker Nigel Pullman former Sheriff of the City of London.




   Monday 15th at 12.30pm Christmas Lunch.




   Friday 23rd time tbc Visit to Pantomime at Brick Lane Music Hall with Dinner and dancing.

   Monday 26th at 5.00pm  St Paul's Court.

   Monday 26th at 7.00pm January Livery dinner.




MARCH 2015


   Monday 2nd at 5.30pm Annual Service.

   Friday 6th at 11.00am Ladies Lunch. Guest Speaker Elizabeth Chapman: Tales from the Women's Library @LSE

   Friday 20th at 10.55am United Guilds Service and Combined Liveries Lunch.




APRIL 2015


   w/b Monday 13th  London Stained Glass walk led by Caroline Swash, with lunch.

   Monday 27th at 5.00pm St Marks Court.

   Monday 27th at 7.00pm Spring Livery Dinner.  Guest Speaker Sir Robert Rogers, former Clerk of the House of  Commons.


MAY 2015


   Thursday 7th - Sunday 10th  Masters visit to Durham.

   tba   Lecture*.


JUNE 2015


   Wednesday 17th All Day Visit Nutbourne Vineyard, Pulborough, East Sussex.

   Wednesday 24th 12.00 noon Election of Sheriffs and Lunch.

   Monday 29th 7.00pm Midsummer Livery Dinner.


JULY 2015


   Thursday 2nd  All day  Visit Rye.






   Monday 28th 4.30pm St Mathews Court

   Monday 28th 7.00pm Autumn Livery Dinner, Guest Speaker John Bly (Antiques Road Show)

   Tuesday 29th  Election of Lord Mayor.




   tba    Lecture*

   Thursday 8th -Sunday 11th Masters Visit to Budapest.




   Thursday 26th at 4.30pm St Andrews Court

   Thursday 26th at 7.00pm Installation Court Dinner.


   * One Lecture will eb given by Steve Clare on Wells Cathedral's Jesse Window.