Fines and Quarterage


On admission to the Freedom


(a) by Servitude or as an Artist 
(b) by Patrimony  
(c) by Redemption  

A peppercorn
£10 plus VAT
£450 plus VAT

On admission to the Livery


(a) if free by Servitude or as an Artist      
(b) if free by Patrimony                                
(c) if free by Redemption                             

£100 plus VAT
£300 plus VAT
£300 plus VAT



£395 a year including VAT.  A reduction of 50% is available to artists, overseas residents and those over 75.

  • Admission by 'patrimony' is available to an applicant with a parent who was already a member of the Company at the time of their birth.
  • Admission by 'redemption' is the most common form of admission, and open to those applicants who do not qualify on other grounds.


Each year, for 3 years: £5,000, including one day's use of the Hall, or £1,000 for all benefits except use of the Hall (see details)