Our history dates back to 1328 and our Royal Charter was originally granted by Charles l in 1638. Being dedicated to the preservation of stained glass and the skills necessary to produce this beautiful art form, our members range from highly skilled crafts people to those who simply enjoy an involvement in our worthy and important cause. We offer both individual and corporate membership packages with great benefits including opportunities to participate in events such as lectures and cultural events.


Cross (7.5m x 5m)

The initial draft of the design submitted is a cross, with a secondary theme of the torn temple curtain, sandblasted onto the inner panel of clear reamy glass within double glazed units. Shards of cobalt glass, shards of mirror and glass jewels are laminated to the glass. The final design that was approved by the PCC is a more simple version of a cross with alpha and omega symbols sandblasted onto double glazed units in timber mullions and transoms.

Resurrection (3m high)

This is a dynamic design about new life emerging from death and it therefore has warm sunrise colours and lively greens. The imagery is of a dividing cell, sunrise, the death of Christ and a dead forest in the middle coming to life around the edges of the design. Symbols of the resurrection are in the traceries. The window will be crafted in traditional flat glass painted with kiln-fired paints and set in lead came.

Prayer and Reflection (3m high)

This window will be in the prayer corner of the church so the design evokes stillness; water cascades from the Trinity down into a cool shimmering pool where it bathes brightly coloured rocks. The flames of the two candles are the Trinity, symbolized by a mountain, a wave and a crown droplet. The cool blue colour signifies celestial love and faith and compliments the yellows and oranges of the flames and rocks. The rocks symbolize people bathing in God’s presence and the coloured items in the waterfall symbolize prayers ascending to Him. All the glass is fused (layers of glass melted together to a temperature of 775oC). In the lower area the regular lead came grid morphs into shapes like rippling water for which solder-covered lead sheeting is used.
Window designs have been approved by the PCC and are due to be fabricated soon.

Prayer and Reflection

Prayer and Reflection


Cross draft

Cross draft