Our history dates back to 1328 and our Royal Charter was originally granted by Charles l in 1638. Being dedicated to the preservation of stained glass and the skills necessary to produce this beautiful art form, our members range from highly skilled crafts people to those who simply enjoy an involvement in our worthy and important cause. We offer both individual and corporate membership packages with great benefits including opportunities to participate in events such as lectures and cultural events.

St Alkmund, Shrewsbury

The window, completed in 1795 is a rare example of the work of Francis Eginton of Birmingham still located in its original context.

The window depicts the figure of Hope and is adapted from the Assumption of the Virgin by Guido Reni.

The window consists of some 120 panes, each made up of Eginton’s distinctive technique involving at least two layers of extremely thin handmade glass, almost certainly crown glass, painted and stippled on all faces to achieve pictorial depth and a soft, painterly effect.
The glass is putty glazed into cast iron frames which are in themselves historically significant as they were cast at Coalbrookedale, the heart of the Industrial Revolution.

 St Alkmund

St Alkmund details


St Alkmund